Connecting Health Access to Health Outcomes

Strengthening the Health Safety-Net  -  Improving Health Outcomes

What Are People Saying?

"My name is Michael Moore. I am the Pharmacist-in-Charge at The Free Medical Clinic in Columbia, South Carolina. We provide medical care for people without insurance who otherwise cannot afford it. We have an onsite, outpatient pharmacy which uses multiple resources including IPAP and PAP programs to provide medication to our patients."

Interested in Increasing Access and Improving Health Outcomes?

Strengthening the Health Safety-Net

Improving Health Outcomes

Operating as a trusted advisor, MMB Advantages provides astute insights and solutions to non-profit safety-net providers and other health care organizations across the nation.

Our solutions are custom-designed to empower organizations to become true community champions by:

increasing access to health care for vulnerable populations

streamlining service delivery and increasing access to vital prescription medications

becoming nationally recognized Patient Centered Medical Homes

With MMB Advantages as your partner, together we can reach cost effective solutions tailored to your specific environment and challenges.

Focusing on adding value through better execution, we strategically design system improvements and provide resources that improve patient health outcomes, reduce spending, and allow for significant Return on Investment.  Re-allocate this ROI back into clinical services, serving more clients and improving patient health outcomes.

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How do providers see more patients when they have fewer resources?

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How do pharmaceutical companies ensure that their medication donations go to those most in need, while contributing to the shared goal of improved health outcomes?

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How do safety-net providers obtain quality, cost-effective medication access for their patients?

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How do clinics become Patient Centered Medical Homes?