Full Testimonial – Michael Moore

Full Testimonial – Michael Moore

MMB Advantages – A Great Resource

My name is Michael Moore. I am the Pharmacist-in-Charge at The Free Medical Clinic in Columbia, South Carolina. We provide medical care for people without insurance who otherwise cannot afford it. We have an onsite, outpatient pharmacy which uses multiple resources including IPAP and PAP programs to provide medication to our patients.

We were introduced to a company called MMB Advantages, owner Marisa Barnes just several months ago. She came to our clinic and did an onsite assessment of our pharmacy operations with a focus on PAP and IPAP administration. She spent a couple of days on site and meeting with the pharmacy staff and our executive director. She made several recommendations of ways we could improve our administration of PAP which we have since instituted. She was also able to start the process of getting our clinic enrolled in more IPAP programs to include Direct Relief, Merck Foundations, and The Dispensary of Hope.

Since the beginning of 2014 we have received $571,176.15 worth of medications donated to the clinic as a result of these new relationships. We have also added some different administration techniques to our PAP workflow which has resulted in donations of $941,452.22 through various PAP programs. This is a significant increase over this point last year. We have also reduced our cost of purchasing medicines through these new relationships by an average of 50% per month.

We are so incredibly grateful for the services of MMB Advantages and would recommend them to anyone who is looking to reduce while increasing productivity at a free clinic pharmacy.

Michael Moore, PharmD


The Free Medical Clinic

Columbia, South Carolina