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Cultural and linguistic competence in mental health care

                  The United States has always been noted for its rich cultural mix. However, this diverse mix is one of the reasons that health disparities arise, especially in mental health care. To reduce the risk of this, it is imperative that the mental health/health care community rises… Continue Reading

Mental Health Services: Why Integrated Care Is Vital

  In America, the uninsured and vulnerable have few options for accessing comprehensive medical care. Although the safety net community and free clinics do a sterling job of providing health care for patients without insurance, there is one aspect that frequently remains missing: a greater integration with mental health services. However, if health outcomes are… Continue Reading

Medical Adherence: A Multi-Billion Dollar Health Challenge

  When considering some of America’s biggest health challenges, obesity is likely to be the first thing that comes to mind. There’s also an ageing population, a lack of caregivers and doctors, and the difficulties inherent to maintaining a healthy work/life balance. However, the medication adherence challenges faced by vulnerable, low income and uninsured populations… Continue Reading

Why Community Gardens Improve Community Health & Wellbeing

Community gardens might seem like a recent phenomenon, but they have a long history in the United States. Some gardens date back to 1890 in Detroit. And the interest in community gardening is growing all over the US. As the prevalence of community gardening grows, the numerous beneficial effects are gaining greater recognition. There are… Continue Reading

Healthcare and the Cultural Divide

Perhaps one of the biggest dilemmas in healthcare today is how to give patients the critical medical attention they need when their cultural beliefs don’t allow it. Whether these cultural beliefs are related to a patient’s age, religion, ethnicity or nationality, they can cause a significant challenge to their care. This is a delicate area –… Continue Reading

Transportation: An Often Overlooked Barrier To Patient Care

  There are many disparities that prevent the uninsured from accessing the medical care they need; lack of insurance and finances are just part of the issue.  One factor that often gets ignored is the absence of reliable transportation and how it can be a barrier to patient care.  Without access to transport, patients are… Continue Reading

Fruit and Vegetable Prescriptions: The Healthy Way Forward

  Good nutrition is integral to the successful management of many health conditions. For example, patients with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes need a well-balanced diet, but if a patient is on a low income, their budgets just won’t stretch to this. The result? A greater cost to their health – and to… Continue Reading

Perception vs. Reality: Misconceptions of the ACA

Perception vs. Reality:  Misconceptions of the ACA

One of the most common misconceptions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is that there is no longer a need for Free and Charitable Clinics or the vital work they do providing health care to patients of the health safety-net.  Because of this misconception, donations to Free and Charitable Clinics have decreased significantly since the… Continue Reading

Medication Access – A Mission Possible

Medication Access – A Mission Possible

For health care providers, diagnosing a disease is only one step toward helping the patient become well. Being able to treat the disease condition adequately is another. Patients with no health care coverage delay accessing medical care and forgo essential medication treatments. When patients’ illnesses go untreated, they end up in the hospital emergency department,… Continue Reading