Medication Access Programs

Medication Access Programs

Every day, safety-net clinics across the country face the challenge of providing access to affordable medications for their patients.  Lack of access to critically needed medications results in little or inconsistent medication adherence for the treatment of disease and chronic illness.  Frequently, these medical conditions increase in severity, impacting the individual’s health-related quality of life.

How do safety-net providers access quality, cost-effective medication for their patients?

By implementing cost-effective, integrated, and proven methods and strategies for achieving quality, cost-effective medication access in charitable settings. 

MMB Advantages assists health safety-net facilities and organizations in their mission to improve patient health outcomes by creating efficient, cost-effective Medication Access Programs designed to increase patient access to medications.  The range of services include

  • designing and implementing customized Medication Access Programs specifically integrated into the day-to-day operation of the facility
  • streamlining eligibility and enrollment processes to increase ease of access to Patient Assistance Programs (PAP)
  • identifying staffing and physical resource needs
  • formulary selection and provider training
  • software technology selection and training
  • pharmaceutical industry partnership development
  • program monitoring, auditing, and quality improvement

At MMB Advantages, we drive organizations to become true community champions

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