Operations and Program Improvement

Operations and Program Improvement

In today’s turbulent economy, the number of uninsured individuals is increasing rapidly and the resources available to serve them are diminishing at an alarming rate.  Safety-Net Clinics are constantly searching for ways to do more with less.

How can providers see more patients when they have fewer resources?

With customized design solutions that meet their unique needs and objectives.

MMB Advantages has proven experience creating streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective operational models for the health safety-net community.

Operational Assessment

  • conduct a detailed review of all or selected aspects of your medical practice, your organization’s current culture, and its impact on the patient’s experience
  • based on findings, identify areas for enhancement and opportunity
  • identify priorities within optimal perspective
  • provide a detailed Program Status Report and Recommendations based on Operational Assessment findings

Strategic Growth and Development

  • provide full project management, implementation plans, training programs, information technology selection, on-going support and monitoring, and progress evaluations
  • create a customized action plan that includes ways to increase efficiency in order to maximize all available resources, strategies for cost-containment, policy and procedure development or improvement, system automation options, compliance monitoring and evaluation, and quality assurance programs to increase patient satisfaction and encourage positive health outcomes
  • in partnership with the organization, guide action and strategic plan through development, implementation, and ongoing training and coaching for continued performance improvement
  • research and select state-of-the-art technology resources to assist with patient care, clinic operations, data collection, and expediting the medication Patient Assistance Program application process
  • continuously monitor and evaluate changes and trends in health care and pharmaceutical assistance policies on the community based safety net provider

Partnership Development

  • Direct community outreach and collaboration efforts that build long-term, trust-based community partnerships.
  • Work in collaboration with community, state, and local coalitions to successfully eliminate health disparities, increasing access to quality, affordable health care for vulnerable populations.

At MMB Advantages, we drive organizations to become true community champions

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