Pharmaceutical Industry Collaboration

Pharmaceutical Industry Collaboration

Access to affordable mediations is key to medication adherence and to achieving positive health outcomes. Pharmaceutical companies understand this challenge and work diligently to get essential medications directly into the hands of those in need.

How do pharmaceutical companies ensure that their medication donations go to those most in need, while contributing to the shared goal of improved health outcomes?

With carefully designed, customized, fully-integrated Medication Access Programs.

MMB Advantages has a wide-range of experience in designing pharmacy sites and Medication Access Programs to be in complete compliance with individual pharmaceutical company business rules while meeting federal, state, and local requirements.

Assessment of Pharmacy Operations

MMB Advantages conducts operational assessments of health care facilities across the country to ensure they comply with State and Federal pharmacy regulations. These assessments include

  • reviewing Pharmacy Standard Operating Procedures
  • formulary selection
  • product acquisition, storage, and dispensing
  • recommendations for program modifications or improvement

Institutional Patient Assistance Program (IPAP)

MMB Advantages conducts on-site evaluations of a health care facility’s pharmacy to determine the facility’s ability to meet IPAP program requirements.  This evaluation includes review of

  • the clinic’s eligibility and enrollment processes
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • prescribing methods
  • pharmacy operations
  • record keeping systems

Additional IPAP services include

  • designing internal audit programs to monitor compliance
  • pre-audit preparation and review

Program Integration and Training

MMB Advantages works with the clinic to put together a framework of programs that maximize cost savings and increase operational efficiency.  This may include

  • creating efficient, cost-effective Medication Access Programs
  • streamlining eligibility and enrollment processes to increase overall efficiency and ease of access to Patient Assistance Programs (PAP)
  • providing technical and educational information to support program operations, including introduction of PAP software systems

Positive Health Outcome Support and Reporting

MMB Advantages collaborates with community and industry based organizations in putting into practice the concept of going “beyond the pill” by coordinating efforts to promote and report positive health outcomes.  We assist with

  • data-collection
  • program development
  • medication adherence protocols
  • initiatives encouraging positive patient health outcomes

At MMB Advantages, we drive organizations to become true community champions

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